InstaMelt™ Sachets Now 100% Certified Compostable

InstaMelt™ Sachets Now 100% Certified Compostable

Imagine a world with dissolvable beauty products in compostable packaging… now dream no more, because that day has finally arrived!  After searching the globe and finalising stability testing, our InstaMelt™ collection is moving from 100% recyclable sachets to a new bio-material, which is 100% certified compostable.

How does it work?

From the 29th of August, our InstaMelt™ Day Dissolver Wipes will be housed in 100% certified compostable packaging, followed by our InstaMelt™ Skin Soothing Sheet Masks in October.

To minimise waste, we’ll continue to sell our current stock until we’ve sold through, but our updated compostable sachets should start to hit shelves on our website and through MECCA stores over the next few months.

The sachets are made from an innovative biofilm that’s home compost safe, which is designed to protect the products from external oxygen and moisture – very important when what’s inside is dissolvable!

What does this mean?

Composting is regenerative, making it the best packaging option to become available. It provides a nutrient rich output to grow healthy crops, giving back to the planet by breaking down into wood cellulose and bio-resins.

Our sachets might look fancy, but rest assured – they’re totally safe for your home compost and won’t leave behind any microplastics. 


Why the switch?

Our initial InstaMelt™ packaging featured recyclable R28 laminate sachets in compostable boxes, which was the most planet-friendly option available that could protect our dissolving products when we first began making our InstaMelt™ range.

As a brand, it is always our mission to evolve our products and packaging as new technology becomes available – so we’re excited to launch our second prototype in an even better packaging solution.

Since we launched InstaMelt™, we’ve saved more than 131,879 wipes and sheet masks from landfill – and now we’re thrilled to be able to provide a packaging solution that truly changes the game.

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