The Lowdown On Our InstaMelt™ Packaging

The Lowdown On Our InstaMelt™ Packaging

The Lowdown On Our InstaMelt™ Packaging

Wondering what we’re made of?

When it comes to sustainability, Conserving Beauty focuses on a 100% traceable supply chain and actively managing our water footprint, carbon footprint and waste footprint. 

Of course, effective products are very important (which is one of the many reasons we choose to exclude water from our formulas as a cheap filler) but in an industry that’s responsible for so much waste, responsible packaging is equally as essential.

Here at Conserving Beauty, transparency has been baked into our brand from the very beginning – so let’s break down the circular packaging choices behind our new dissolving InstaMelt™ range.

What is the InstaMelt™ packaging made from?

Our InstaMelt™ sachets are made from R28 Film, a recyclable laminate that has Enhanced Sealant co-extrusion technology (ES) to reduce packaging weight and a high barrier metallisation to protect against external moisture intrusion (v critical!).

R28 is a member of CEFLEX (Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging) in Europe. The R28 laminate is a recycled white opaque metallised Polypropylene (PP) that utilises proprietary UHB technology – a packaging option we source from Europe.

For the box, Conserving Beauty’s cartons are made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste uncoated cardboard board that is FSC (CoC) certified, making them kerbside recyclable and home compost friendly.

Why did we choose it?

Traditional wet wipes are responsible for 75% of sewerage blockages in Australia, but our world-first InstaMelt™ fabric solves this problem by dissolving instantly in water after use. That’s why when it comes to our packaging, it was obviously very important that not even a drop could trickle in and compromise the product formula for both hygiene and quality reasons.

After extensively looking for the best available solution, we chose the recyclable R28 laminate because it keeps the product completely safe and is lightweight to reduce transport and decrease carbon emissions, to allow recyclability without compromising on packaging quality.

Just by using the R28 Film for our sachets, we’re able to make a 92% reduction in solid waste, a 64% reduction in energy consumption and a 72% reduction in CO2 emissions than a traditional sachet. They’re also really handy for travel and they’re recycle-ready, making it easy for our community to contribute to the circular economy.