What if we could normalise not knowing the answer?

In the era of cancel culture, and sustainability misinformation, we can sometimes be too embarrassed to ask questions on climate change and sustainability in fear of being called out. But, what if there was a place where we could ask these questions without judgment? What if we could normalise not knowing the answer? 

Join Natassia and Sage from Conserving Beauty along with resident environmental expert Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and special guests as they unpack common sustainability questions - Normalising not knowing so we can all go on the learning journey together.


Episode 1 Mon, Jan 30, 2023

Troye Sivan on living consciously and why hedonism is the key

Natassia and Sage chat with uber-talented singer-song writer, and actor, Troye Sivan. Having been in the music biz for over a decade Troye discusses how he weaves sustainability into his day-to-day life from his approach to consumerism, travel, and even design. The team also unpack how privilege and hedonism impact our ability to make the sustainable choice. Hit play, it's a banger!

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Episode 2 Tues, Mar 14, 2023

Talking 'Seizing the Yay', sustainability, and social media with Sarah Davidson

In this Ep, Sage and Natassia, chat with Sarah Davidson aka Spoonful of Sarah, whose creds include businesswoman, best-selling author, MC, Podcast host and our favorite.. funtrepreneur.  Join the gals as they not only fan girl Sarah, but also find out how she views sustainability and the role it plays in modern day influencing. A must listen.

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  • Natassia Nicolao

    Climate Optimist, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, Conserving Beauty

    A beauty gal with a supply-chain background, innovative solutions to sustainable living has always been Natassia's North Star and what drove her (as a 20-something) to quit her job and start a waterless beauty brand. Inspired? So are we.

  • Sage Mellet

    Influencer, Musician, Community and Partnerships Manager, Conserving Beauty

    A true multi-hyphenate, Sage is all about community and conversation, and on the pulse of cultural movements, and conscious conversations... everywhere.

  • Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

    Greens Senator, Passionate Environmentalist, Community Campaigner, Feminist and Mum

    Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is a true force. Not only the youngest woman to be elected to federal parliament at the age of 25, Sarah was named a World Economic Forum Global Young Leader in 2016 and a Bloomberg Catalyst in 2021. Sarah has spent more than 14 years in Parliament fighting to protect the environment, and human rights. Respect.