The answers to all the important questions

What is the fabric made of?


Our InstaMelt fabric is made from a patent-protected water soluble polymer, which is then infused with Conserving Beauty’s anhydrous formula.

Does it contain microplastics?


No! Our fabric does not breakdown into any microplastics and does not have any adverse impact on our environment or wildlife.

What happens if it ends up in landfill?


If our wipe ends up in landfill, it will biodegrade within 14 days with no adverse impact on our environment or wildlife. So if you're not near water to dissolve our wipes, don't worry!

Why are they individually wrapped?


Our compostable sachets help protect our fabric from moisture, humidity and temperature changes to ensure it does not dissolve before it get's to you. Plus huge bonus - they are conveniently portable.

Is it actually ok to flush?


Yes! Our Fabric has coveted Fine To Flush Certification by Water UK.

What do i do with the excess oil?


Your skin and body will love our oil-rich formulation. InstaMelt™ Skin Soothing Sheet Mask works perfectly as your final skincare step under makeup, or left on overnight to thoroughly absorb into the skin. Squeeze out what’s left in your sachet and smooth it over your décolletage, arms, and legs.

Where do i dissolve it?


Our fabric has coveted Fine To Flush Certification by Water UK and will not cause fatbergs. We recommend dissolving where you already have a water footprint such as the shower, kitchen sink or your toilet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Such a game changer!

This is a really unique sheet mask, the ingredients are really moisturising and it it’s oily serum leaves a lovely nourishing film on the skin which keeps on working for a long time after. I love that it dissolves in water, it’s such a game changer! Highly recommend you try this one.

Eliza Holmes
Best sheet mask

I feel like such a baddie after using this mask, not only because of my glowing skin but because it's guilt free as it dissolves with water after use. The oil soaks into my skin so nicely and gives my skin a much needed pick me up.

Laura Evangelista
So Soothing and Hydrating!

A self-care/pamper must-have!! This mask felt so luxurious and nourishing on my skin! It helped soothe some redness and irritation on my skin, and my skin felt so plump and hydrated after use and until the next morning. It gave my skin such a natural healthy looking glow! The sheet mask was covered in so much skin-loving goodness, and had excess serum to bring down to my neck and hands. Also, obsessed with how this dissolves in water after use - genius!

Glowing goodness!

I was so intrigued to try this mask and I am so glad that I did! It was soaked in oil which sunk into the skin and there was so much left over that I could use it on any areas of the body that needed some TLC. My skin felt so nourished and was left with a glow that lasted all day and into the next day! Such a great mask before a big event.

Glowing, soft and smooth skin!

I have used this mask multiple times over the past few months and I LOVE IT. I would recommend wearing a robe, or nothing when using this as the sheet mask is absolutely drenched, there is almost enough serum/oil in the mask and packet to coast the entire body. I noticed an instant glow and a slight decrease in redness. I really loved how soft and smooth my skin felt afterward, I left the residue on overnight but some may prefer to remove it after the allocated time and finish with their usual skincare routine.