We create waterless beauty innovation to help your skin
and save water, carbon, and waste in the process.

Here at Conserving Beauty, we’re about making conscious beauty accessible, fun and simple, with effective products designed for humans of all skin types.

We’re serious about saving the planet in everything we do, so that sustainability (and your skincare!) doesn’t have to feel stressful. It’s our aim to inspire others to live consciously through their everyday routine, without sacrificing results – so you can do your bit because you want to, not because you’re made to feel guilty or obligated.

We also believe that choosing products that care for the earth shouldn’t cost the earth, which is why our products are formulated entirely without water – so your skincare is never diluted, and your results are never watered down.

We believe water(less) is more

More for your skin

Without water, the pure ingredients chosen for Conserving Beauty’s powerful formulas aren’t diluted, which means they can be delivered directly to the skin – so our precious natural resources are never wasted, and your results are never watered down.

More for the planet

Water is a diminishing resource, with research indicating that two thirds of the population will live in a water-shortage environment by 2035 (yep, that’s only a few years away – we’ll let that sink in). We’re proud to be the first beauty member of The Water Footprint Network, which allows us to research and sustainably manage our water footprint.

More for your money

Believe it or not, most beauty products are actually 70-90% water, which means you’re splashing most of your hard-earned cash on something that doesn’t actually benefit your beauty routine.

Why we don't do 'clean' or 'dirty'

We’re not about demonising different ingredients, because it’s not about what we leave out – it’s what we put in. All our products contain 13 or less powerful ingredients that are proven to support your skin. We focus on formulas that bring together the best of science and nature, never messing with the scent, colour or performance of each ethically-sourced ingredient.

Meet our Founder


Natassia founded Conserving Beauty in 2021 to unite sustainability with skincare so there's no longer a choice between conserving our beauty and the planet's. After completing a Bachelor of Science she began working at Australia's leading beauty and wellness companies across product development, ethical sourcing, and sustainable supply-chains.

Natassia would often flip over her favourite beauty products to read the labels, only to find that water was the primary ingredient. Water is our most precious finite resource which is why the United Nations declared a Water Action Decade for Sustainable Development in 2018.

With most beauty products containing up to 70-00% water, plus the additional water used to create products in the supply chain, it was clear that the beauty industry needed to start doing things differently.

Inspired by her belief that waterless formulas could offer more – for both our skin and the earth – Natassia combined her science background and supply chain experience to develop a range of waterless beauty products that didn’t sacrifice results or our most precious finite resource - water.

It remains her mission to champion sustainable practices in a way that involves, educates and empowers others, whilst advocating for change across the entire beauty industry.



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