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Conserving Beauty logo with natural elements, water, earth, trees and grass in the background of a logo

We create water(less) beauty innovation to help your skin, whilst saving water, carbon, and waste in the process.

TLDR; waterless formulations are more effective. By removing water from our products, the incredible ingredients we select can be delivered directly to your skin - so your skincare is never diluted, and your results are never watered down. Our Founder has a Bachelor Of Science so she's not down with anything that doesn't actually work.

We believe water(less) is more - more for your skin and for the planet


  • Water Footprint

    As the first global beauty partner of Water Footprint Network and The Australian Water Association, we measure and manage our water footprint through a custom research project.

  • Carbon Footprint

    We partnered with SeaTrees and Trace to reduce and measure our carbon footprint. For every product sold we plant 1 Mangrove Tree to sequester carbon, create local employment for 2 villages in Indonesia, and create a critical habitat for marine life.

  • Waste Footprint

    We use dissolvable, compostable and infinitely recyclable materials. Our world-first InstaMelt™ fabric technology dissolves in under 60 seconds and doesn't leave micro-plastics or waste behind.

  • Traceable Supply Chain

    To ensure our sustainability claims are clear, accurate and evidence based, we partnered with Provenance. We also show 100% transparency on where we source our ingredients from on each product page.

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