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Sea You Cleansing Balm


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Conserve You Face Oil


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Australia's first water-responsible beauty brand

Pure ingredients ∙ Planet conscious ∙ Powerful results


13 ingredients
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Our innovative formulas are about to show you just how powerful beauty products can be without water – for you, and for our planet.

Waterless is more… for your skin

Believe it or not, most beauty products are actually 70-90% water, which means you’re splashing most of your cash on something that doesn’t actually benefit your beauty routine. That’s right, water is primarily included as a cheap filler – not for extra hydration, as you might’ve assumed – so you’re getting less actives as a result.

Without water, the pure ingredients chosen for Conserving Beauty’s powerful formulas aren’t diluted, which means they can be delivered directly to the skin – so our precious natural resources are never wasted, and your results are never watered down.

Waterless is more… for the planet

Water is a diminishing resource, with research indicating that 2/3 of the population will live in a water-shortage environment by 2035 (yep, that’s only a few years away – we’ll let that sink in). There’s been lots of positive action talk about sustainability lately, but as an industry that remains heavily reliant on water at almost every stage of the product lifecycle, beauty really needs to do better.

That’s where we come in. Conserving Beauty is on a mission to reduce the beauty industry’s water footprint with innovative products that are formulated entirely without water, so that water isn’t wasted and the products you buy only contain pure, active ingredients – which is why we love beauty products in the first place!

We believe conserving water is essential, in support of the United Nations Water Action Decade and Sustainable Development Goals.

We’re proud to be the first beauty member of The Water Footprint Network, which allows us to research and sustainably manage our water footprint.

The Water Footprint Network (WFN) is a platform for collaboration between companies and individuals to solve the world’s water crises by advancing fair and smart water use.

Every email sign-up or purchase you make helps us protect our oceans

In partnership with SeaTrees we restore, plant, and protect coastal ecosystems. 1 sign-up or purchase = 1 Mangrove tree planted in your honour.

Every Mangrove Tree we plant:

Sequesters carbon 5x more effectively than tropical forests

Helps protect Biak Island from storm- surges and sea-level rise

Provides sustainable employment for two villages in Biak Island, Indonesia

Creates critical habitat for threatened species

Join our community of wave makers and help protect our coastal ecosystem