The answers to all the important questions

Can I wear it under makeup?


Yes! Our lightweight formulation will absorb quickly into your skin and does NOT pill under your makeup. Making this the perfect glowy primer underneath your SPF and makeup

Do I use it in morning or night?


Both! It is up to you. We recommend using morning and night for best results.

What is Blue Oleoactif?


BLUE Oleoactif is a clinically-supported ingredient that harnesses the life force of rice to protect skin from urban pollution and blue light. A genomic stufy revealed this ingredient helped reduce pigmentation and regulate hyperpigmentation.

Is it vegan and palm-free?


Yes! All of our waterless formulations are palm-free, vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free and plant-based.

Does it contain fragrance?


No! Our formulations don't contain added fragrances or colorants.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
So many beautiful ingredients

This face oil is my new fave, it has so many great, nourishing ingredients in it. So skin friendly 🤗

Hydrating & gentle on the skin

I cannot fault the Conserve you Face Oil. It's sits under my makeup so beautifully and gives me a flawless and hydrated skin tone. I absolutely love it!

Serena Sorrentino
Great for Oily Skin!

I have pretty oily skin so I am usually reluctant to put face oils on my face however after patch testing this I found it was a lot drier than other face oils I have used and it soaked into the skin nicely. After using it on my face I love the extremely glowy look it gave me without making me feel greasy. It also didn't give me any unwanted acne which of course is always a plus!! If you have super dry skin I think this would still work for you but it may not give you the intense hydration you are after.

Emily Gray
My skin's new favourite drink

My dry skin has absolutely soaked up this Face oil! It keeps my skin feeling incredible all day long, and feeling hydrated with less of the redness I've been experiencing lately. This has been a huge skin saviour, plus it wears really well under my daily Sunscreen and makeup.

Hayley Dodd
Glow getter!

This oil is divine. It melts beautifully into the skin and leaves it looking plump and glowing. Doesn’t pull over or under other products either which earns it a huge tick from me!