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Conserving Beauty

InstaMelt™ Day Dissolver Wipes 30 Pack

InstaMelt™ Day Dissolver Wipes 30 Pack

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Cleanse in haste, zero waste.

With all the skin-loving benefits of an oil cleanser delivered in a dissolvable wipe for ultimate convenience. Packed with 8 potent oils including Squalane, Hemp Seed, and Jojoba Oil to effortlessly dissolve all traces of makeup, while gently exfoliating to reveal clean, soft and revitalised skin. Made with our ground-breaking patented fabric technology that instantly dissolves in water after use, leaving no micro-plastic or waste behind. 

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Meet the viral product you didn't know you needed

Skin-loving benefits of an oil cleanser

Infused with 8 potent oils to effortlessly dissolve all traces of makeup, while gently exfoliating to reveal clean, soft and revitalised skin.

Zero waste cleanser

InstaMelt™ is made from our revolutionary patented fabric technology that instantly dissolves after use, leaving no micro-plastic or waste behind. Home compostable packaging including our sachets and cartons.

Convenience in key

Packed into compostable sachets and cartons, making them the ultimate handbag essential for your next night out, holiday, pre and post gym, or any time you want to dissolve the day, fast!

8 potent ingredients

Infused with 8 ultra-nourishing plant-based oils including:

-Squalane (olive-derived)

-Hemp Seed

-Jojoba Oil

-Jojoba Esters

-Sunflower Seed Oil

-2 types of Vitamin E


Vegan, Cruelty-free, Palm-free, Fragrance-free

Our waterless formulations are palm-free, vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free and plant-based. It is entirely made ethically in Australia using traceable ingredients from our global supply chain.

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The answers to all the important questions

What is the fabric made of?

Our InstaMelt fabric is made from a patent-protected water soluble polymer, which is then infused with Conserving Beauty’s anhydrous formula.

Does it contain microplastics?

No! Our fabric does not breakdown into any microplastics and does not have any adverse impact on our environment or wildlife.

Where can i dissolve it?

Our fabric has coveted Fine To Flush Certification by Water UK and will not cause fatbergs. We recommend dissolving where you already have a water footprint such as the shower, kitchen sink or your toilet.

What happens if it ends up in landfill?

If our wipe ends up in landfill, it will biodegrade within 14 days with no adverse impact on our environment or wildlife. So if you're not near water to dissolve our wipes, don't worry!

Why are they individually wrapped?

Our compostable sachets help protect our fabric from moisture, humidity and temperature changes to ensure it does not dissolve before it get's to you. Plus huge bonus - they are conveniently portable.

Does it have Fine To Flush Certification?

Yes! Our Fabric has coveted Fine To Flush Certification by Water UK.

Do i use these like how i would an oil cleanser?

Yes! Think of InstaMelt Day Dissolvers as all the skin-loving benefits of an oil cleanser with the convenience of a dissolvable wipe.

8 traceable ingredients


An emollient derived from olives. Famed for its ability to instantly hydrate and help maintain a healthy skin barrier.

Source: Germany

Hemp Seed

A nourishing oil with incredible soothing and hydrating properties that help reduce surface inflammation in the skin.

Source: Australia

Jojoba Oil

A hydrating oil that helps to replenish the skin while simutaneously working to balance oil production.

Source: USA

Jojoba Esters

A natural emollient that helps to soothe and prevent moisture loss, for softer and healthy skin.

Source: USA

2 Types of Vitamin E

A powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the skin from free radical damage, including environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollution.

Source: USA

Sunflower Seed

A soothing oil that helps to calm the skin. Helps nourish and replenish the skin's moisture levels.

Source: Ukraine


A solubiliser from naturally occuring plant-based materials that allows our wipes to leave a light, non-sticky feel on your skin.

Source: USA


    Using both sides , gently wipe the fabric across your face. Our oil-cleanser will dissolve all traces of makeup and impurities. With excess oil-formulation, use your fingers to massgae any leftover mascara and eye makeup. Pat residue with a damp cloth, similar to how you would normally use an oil cleanser.


    We recommend dissolving our wipe during your incidental water usage to make best use of our finite resources. Such as the shower, toilet, or kitchen sink. If you're not near water or need to place them in the trash that's fine as our wipes will degrade in landfill within 14 days.

  • Step 3. COMPOST TIME

    Our single-use sachets are made from an innovative biofilm that is home compost safe. Plus they are really handy for when you're on the go.

    All Conserving Beauty cartons are made with 100% recycled post-consumer waste and FSC (CoC) certified, making them both home compostable and recycleable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
louise Beauty
Makeup removal bestie

Okay, let me start off by saying that this innovative make-up cleansing wipe has been my favourite thing of 2023. Not only does it take your makeup off, but it cleans your skin without the need for water. On top of that, Your skin is left glowing without the need for added hydration, AND they dissolve in water. Ticking all of my boxes.
This is now a staple in my travel skincare bag. I don’t think I could use any other make-up wipes any more because this is the ONE!!!
It also didn’t sting my eyes or my skin, so well done, Conserving Beauty!

Natalie Sinead
I absolutely love these wipes!!!

I am shocked at how good these are considering they are completely zero waste.

As someone with acne prone skin, makeup wipes usually don't do well on my face but these are so gentle! I think the Jojoba oil helps keep them soft and hydrating so when I'm finished using them my skin feels soft and not irritated at all. They surprisingly take off all of my makeup too. Not to mention I love the fact that they're zero waste, all beauty brands need to follow in this direction!

If you want something gentle on your face, kind to the environment and effective to removing makeup. These are worth every cent.

Jessie Pinal
Love These!

This wipes are the perfect addition to a busy routine! They remove makeup and leave your skin feeling hydrated and clean! I will definitely purchase these over and over

My travel essential

I literally don't go anywhere without these wipes! I travel a lot, and these are the perfect companion. I love an oil cleanser, and these are exactly that... but in a wipe. No brainer

Zoe B
Love them

They are exactly as described. Clean make up off well and leave my face feeling moisturised after. I didn’t realise how much my old face wipes were drying out my skin and causing some flakiness until I started using these.