The answers to all the important questions

What is the fabric made of?


Our InstaMelt fabric is made from a patent-protected water soluble polymer, which is then infused with Conserving Beauty’s anhydrous formula.

Does it contain microplastics?


No! Our fabric does not breakdown into any microplastics and does not have any adverse impact on our environment or wildlife.

What happens if it ends up in landfill?


If our wipe ends up in landfill, it will biodegrade within 14 days with no adverse impact on our environment or wildlife. So if you're not near water to dissolve our wipes, don't worry!

Why are they individually wrapped?


Our compostable sachets help protect our fabric from moisture, humidity and temperature changes to ensure it does not dissolve before it get's to you. Plus huge bonus - they are conveniently portable.

Is it actually ok to flush?


Yes! Our Fabric has coveted Fine To Flush Certification by Water UK.

Do i use these like how i would an oil cleanser?


Yes! Think of InstaMelt Day Dissolvers as all the skin-loving benefits of an oil cleanser with the convenience of a dissolvable wipe.

Where do i dissolve it?


Our fabric has coveted Fine To Flush Certification by Water UK and will not cause fatbergs. We recommend dissolving where you already have a water footprint such as the shower, kitchen sink or your toilet.

Vegan & Palm free?


Yes! All Conserving Beauty formulations are vegan, cruelty-free and palm-free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Natasha Painter
Great product

Best skincare routine! Very easy to use & doesn’t harm the environment 👍

Jaime-lee Hemphill

I like them the concept . Just the oil is very extra ! A bit to much in the packet for 1 wipe .

Good but could be a great product

It’s great at taking off make up minus mascara. Mascara just won’t budge as much as I would have hoped for a wipe product. Also, it would be great if the oils were less comedogenic. They just sit on the face after application and don’t soak into the skin. It’s not a pleasant feeling. I will still use the product, but feel a couple of tweaks could make it great. The concept is great.

Lee Minot

Great idea with save the planet . But the wipes are way too greasy

Life changing

Discovering the ideal make-up wipes can be life changing. These wipes have revolutionized my make-up removal routine and have now become a must have in my beauty kit. Additionally, they are eco-friendly: they literally dissolve in a few seconds!! What more could one ask for?