3 Reasons To Choose InstaMelt™

3 Reasons To Choose InstaMelt™

Why our dissolving collection outranks the rest 

We don’t like to brag, but we’re pretty damn proud of our dissolving skincare range. Our InstaMelt™ Day Dissolver wipes and new InstaMelt™ Skin Soothing Sheet Mask are both world-first products that completely revolutionise their respective categories by instantly dissolving in water after use.

Okay so perhaps we don’t mind being a little braggy, but we reckon it’s justified. If you’ve tried our wipes or sheet mask for yourself, you’ll no doubt agree that they’re really some sort of magic. Even better? They’re kinder to our planet, which is why Conserving Beauty was founded in the first place.

Here’s why our InstaMelt™ range truly changes the game.

InstaMelt™ makes single use sexy again

Sheet masks and makeup removing wipes have long been a contentious topic in the beauty industry, as they’re single use – which means, traditionally, that they’re more wasteful than a reusable option. 
And yet, both remain popular options in the beauty industry for those looking to treat their skin or quickly and effectively cleanse while on the go. Our patented dissolving fabric provides a solution to the problem of such single-use products, by disappearing instantly in water after use – so you can enjoy the convenience, without compromising the planet.

InstaMelt™ saves our waterways

Once dissolved in water, our InstaMelt™ fabric leaves behind zero microplastics, which stops our systems and waterways from clogging up – unlike others that don’t dissolve and can take up to 100 years (!!) to biodegrade, of which millions are used every day.
Our seas and sewers can’t cope with all that waste, but our InstaMelt™ technology has coveted Fine To Flush accreditation in the UK – which means it’s been tested rigorously by Water UK to ensure that it breaks down when flushed. Even if our InstaMelt™ fabric isn’t dissolved, it’ll go ahead and bio-degrade in only 14 days, so nothing will end up in landfill.
Our InstaMelt™ packaging is 100% recyclable (soon-to-be completely compostable!)
When you’re done with your InstaMelt™ item, our sachets can be recycled and our cartons are totally compostable. And in even more exciting news, after spending the past 6 months in stability testing, we’re set to roll out our compostable sachets from August 29th, 2022!
This move will make consciously disposing of our packaging even easier, as you’ll only need to pop it into your home compost to watch it bio-degrade – a huge win for you and our planet.

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