Simple Ways To Glow Up This Winter

Simple Ways To Glow Up This Winter

Dealing with dull skin during this dreary weather?

The winter season has well and truly arrived in the Southern Hemisphere, but not all of us are here for the chill. The colder months can really wreak havoc on your skin, from causing dryness to bringing on unwelcome irritation.

The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to ease winter skin issues, so if you’re looking to mitigate the effects of the cooler weather – both physically and mentally – scroll on.


Reduce those hot showers

Excessively hot water might feel amazing on a cold day, but guess what? It’s actually not doing your skin any favours, as hot water can actually dry your skin out really rapidly – often resulting in a cracked complexion surface, or even aggravate or cause skin conditions like eczema.
Heating water also causes a heavier water footprint, so taking lukewarm showers will help your skin and help to minimise the amount of water used throughout your day. Given we’re living in a water action decade, every little bit helps – which is also why Conserving Beauty was founded in the first place!

Use waterless skincare

Okay so admittedly we’re a little biased with this one, but did you know that water in skincare actually doesn’t help with hydration? Yep, we’ll happily bust this myth for you – water actually evaporates when it makes contact with the skin, so while you’ll benefit from ingesting it, you won’t see any difference from it with putting it on your face.
Water can also dilute the ingredients in your skincare products, making them less effective. So if you’re spending all this extra time and energy applying products to combat the seasonal chill and still aren’t seeing results, consider making the switch to Conserving Beauty’s nourishing range, which just so happens to be totally waterless (and epic, if you ask us).

Up your masking routine

Keeping your skin hydrated throughout winter is your number one beauty priority, so make sure you’re giving it extra attention. Adding an extra face mask or two into your week will help to nourish skin that’s stressed out by the cold, which will go a long way in preventing a dry, flaky complexion. Conserving Beauty’s Skin Soothing Sheet Mask is more than up to the task, with 8 potent ingredients that calm irritation and instantly replenish hydration in the skin for a major glow up – oh, and did we mention that it dissolves in water once you’re done?
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